"St. Louis in the Spotlight" in Illuminations.

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"A bit of St. Louis history got a minute--a very expensive minute--in the national spotlight. During the Super Bowl Feb. 5, Anheuser-Busch ran a commercial about its founders. It was a lavishly produced mini-epic that showed Busch surviving a steamboat wreck and trudging across a muddy river bank to be told, "Welcome to St. Louis!" Next, in a tavern, he met Anheuser, in a scene as dramatic as Stanley meeting Livingston. "

"Free Video: 'Star Trek Beyond'" in the Pacer

" In "Stark Trek Beyond," the costumes and make-up are almost too imaginative. I'm not asking for every alien in the universe to look like a human, but it does seem unfair to deprive a fine actor like Idris Elba of the use of his own face. "

"Air Rage or Less Means a Trip to the Slammer" inThe West End Word

"I expect the airlines to find additional ways to humiliate passengers. They might take hint from the movie "Titanic." Rename tourist class "steerage," and make passengers go through lice inspection."